F KD FoldLite Electric Wheelchairs

Thank you for choosing F KD FoldLite Electric Wheelchair as your effortless travel companion. Our electric wheelchairs are ultra-compact, light-weight and portable allowing for comfortable travel, compact storage and increasing accessibility in your daily life. The electric wheelchair is designed to fold in just seconds and extremely convenient for traveling on any type of vehicle whether it is a car, a ship or an airplane. Our electric wheelchairs allow you to go wherever and whenever you want.Your safety is our utmost priority. Please read and follow all instructions in this owner’s manual carefully before operating your electric wheelchair for the first time. For your own safety, it is crucial that you completely understand the instructions given in this owner’s manual. If you have problem in comprehending the warnings and instructions contained in this manual, please contact us. We are striving to enrich your life!

Usage Safety Guidelines

Check all electrical and control connections to ensure they are secured safely and firmly. Check battery levels regularly and ensure the battery is charged immediately when needed. Keep tools and any metal objects away from the negative and positive poles of the battery. Short-circuits or electric shock may occur when the two poles are accidentally contacted. Familiarize yourself with Electric Wheelchair and its capabilities. Always seek assistance during your first use until you are confident enough to operate the chair independently and proficiently. Always beware of any potential danger while using the power wheelchair. When the electric wheelchair is not in use, turn off the power, charge the battery and store in a clean and dry place.

Charging Instructions

The battery can be charged with normal AC power (AC 110-220 V, 50-60 Hz). The charging port is located under the front part of the control panel. Before charging, ensure the chair is powered off. Please recharge the wheelchair after each use (use time exceeds 30 min) if possible. Normal charging time is 5 hours. Please fully charge the wheelchair when it has not been used for a long time. Charging time may be up to 10-12 hours. Avoid charging the wheelchair in an environment with high humidity and high temperature. Do not charge where it is close to a fire source. Do not use nonstandard power supply (e.g. generator or converter).

Getting on and off the wheelchair

Pull up one of the armrests, get onto the wheelchair from one side. Sit down slowly and hold on to the backrest. Move the body and leg slowly facing the front, and then lower the armrests. Do not get off and stand from the wheelchair by pressing on a single armrest. Use both armrests when leaving the wheelchair. A shift of body may result in overturning of the wheelchair. Do not get on or off the wheelchair from the front. A shift of body weight may result in overturning of the wheelchair.